Sunday 24 November 2013

FD eXcel is open for business!

 FD eXcel is open for business!
Announcing new UK FD Consulting Group
FD eXcel is a new group of consulting, part time Finance Directors who have joined forces to support their members to deliver “best in class” services to the SME market. 
The part time FD concept is already well established in the UK, with a number of companies providing the services of highly experienced commercial FD's at a fraction of the cost of a full time FD.  However, FD eXcel is different!
Unlike many other groups, FD eXcel is owned by its members; reinvesting all of its income back into the business. The main advantage for its clients is that the reduced costs of employing a part time FD are then not inflated by management fees, which in many cases can be up to 40%. A less obvious yet crucial advantage is because FD eXcel is not seeking to be a profit centre, as a group it is highly selective in its recruitment criteria. The client gets the best person for the job, not just any person for the job.  FD eXcel will never be the largest group of part time FD's, but does aspire to be the most effective.
FD eXcel’s Services include:
×                      Business Health Checks
×                      Cashflow Management
×                      Compliance
×                      Long Term & Exit Planning
×                      Mentoring & Coaching
×                      Reporting and KPI’s
×                      SAGE Training & Reselling
×                      Trusted Business Partner

 Whether it's one day a week or three days a month, the FD eXcel team is available to help with those difficult issues which are normally dealt with by full time FDs, but at a fraction of the cost.
FD eXcel is interested in talking to prospective clients today who are interested in driving their business forward by maximising the value of their investment in a part time FD.  The team are also looking forward to speaking to other experienced FD's who empathise with the FD eXcel model.

Contact the FD eXcel team at or 01962 601100.  We look forward to working with you. 

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